New Fitness Program Packages


The FITPLAN program is for new members only and designed to get you introduced to the JCC and everything we offer!  The FITPLAN is made up of 3 seperate appointments: 2, 30 minute appointments with a Certified Personal Trainer and a 1 hour orientation. 

Appointment #1 (Consult):  The first appointment in the FITPLAN is designed to set you up for success by taking a look at your personal medical & exercise history, as well at your goals and experience level to help you come up with an exercise and activity plan that will work for you. After this session you will then be scheduled for an Orientation.  

Appointment #2 (Orientation):  During this appointment one of our qualified Fitness Center Instructors will take you through an Orientation on one of our circuits based on your Certified Personal Trainers recommendations.  Here is where you will learn to use the equipment! 

Appointment #3 (Follow-up): During this appointment you will come back to your certified personal trainer and they will answer any questions that you might have about the Orientation. They will also teach you some other exercises that would be beneficial for you to add to your program.  This is your opportunity to get all of your questions answered!

Call Rachel at x265 or the Front Desk to set up your FITPLAN Appointment! 

"New Program" Personal Training Package

Have you been doing the same fitness program for what seems like forever?  Have you not been to the gym in a while and want a new fitness program? Are you an avid exerciser but are just looking to change up your routine? 

Science shows that if you do the same program for too long, you will hit a plateau and stop seeing results.  By changing up your exercise program it changes the way your muscles are forced to work which promotes muscle growth and strength gains.  

The "New Program" personal training package consists of a 30 minute consultation in which you and your trainer with briefly go over medical history (if your medical history is not on file) and talk about what you're looking for in a fitness program.  This will give the Personal Trainer all the information they need to write you a new program.  

The trainer will then schedule you for a 1 hour appointment in which they will teach you your new program.  During this time you will work together to make sure you understand the program, ask questions, and make changes.   

Member Price: $65 

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If you have any questions or after you register, please call Rachel Maxon at (585) 461-2000 ext 265 to get set up with a Personal Trainer!