Personal Training

Personal training at the JCC is available in several formats:

Personal Training Staff

As we continue to raise the bar on professional training, all JCC Personal Trainers are nationally certified and pursue educational and professional development on a continual basis.

NameExt. NameExt.
Jameson Carr ext. 824   Michelle Lombardozzi ext. 842
Ursula Burke ext. 851   Melanie Mullally ext. 875
Shara Chisholm ext. 822   Kathy Mulvehill ext. 831
Eke Aiono ext. 270   Jim Nonnemacher ext. 838
Kaydian Hayle ext. 839   Joween Opperman ext. 829
Carm Heidt ext. 817   Doug Prindle ext. 804
Bev Hillabrandt ext. 816   Lynda Stock ext. 815
Jennine Sheldon ext. 860   Christy Shaffer ext. 814
Andrea Kozel

ext. 847

  Michael Gannon

ext. 823

Rob West

ext. 289

  Rachel Maxon

ext. 265

Doug Keller ext. 813    Michael Chirico  ext. 882


For more information on the above programs, contact Rachel Maxon.