CenterStage Theatre Auditions

Dogfight, The Musical

Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul; Book by Peter Duchan; Based on the Warner Bros. Film by Bob Comfort

Auditions: May 22
Call Backs: May 23
Rehearsals Start: May 29
Performances: July 21-29, 2018

Rehearsals Sunday-Thursdays in the evenings. (Not all cast will be needed all nights. Bring a compete list of conflicts)

Open to all High School and College age youth currently enrolled or a 2018 graduate. This is an unpaid performance. This is not a camp! No enrollment fee or financial requirements.

Bring a prepared song of 32 bars with sheet music in the correct key. Bring at least one alternate.

Songs should be in the style of the show, but not from Dogfight. (IE: contemporrary musical theatre with rock/pop style, not classic Broadway.)

Auditions begin at 6pm with a dance call for all. (this is not a heavy dance show, but we still need to see how well you move).

From the Tony, Grammy,; Golden Globe and Academy Award-Winning Composers of...La La Land – Dear Evan Hansen – Christmas Story Live – The Greatest Showman – James and Giant Peach
Area premiere - It’s November 21, 1963 and three young Marines set out for a night of debauchery on the eve of their deployment to Vietnam. A young soldier plays a cruel joke on an unsuspecting girl, leading to a heartbreaking journey of romance and redemption. A hauntingly beautiful, critically acclaimed musical by the hottest song-writing duo of stage and screen.

Character Breakdown:


Eddie Birdlace - A Marine private first class. He is well respected and a natural leader amongst his comrades. Initially a hothead; a cocky smooth talker. He eventually sheds his brash exterior when he falls for Rose. Vocal range top: A4/Vocal range bottom: A2

Bernstein - A Marine private first class and Birdlace’s good friend. A bit nerdy and very inexperienced with the opposite sex. Vocal range top: B4/Vocal range bottom: B2

Boland - A Marine private first class and Birdlace’s closest friend. A poor Southern cad, he is the most vocal supporter of the dogfight and fairly crude in his behavior and language. Vocal range top: B4/Vocal range bottom: B2

Lounge Singer/Ensemble - Sings “That Face”.


Rose Fenny - A diner waitress who dreams of life as a musician. She is a naturally shy girl, naive of the world around her. Becomes smitten with Birdlace and discovers a lot about her self-respect and confidence along the way. Vocal range top: E5/Vocal range bottom: G3

Marcy - Boland’s date for the dogfight. She is a nearly toothless and homely prostitute. Crass and brash, but sneaky and cunning. Vocal range top: Eb5/Vocal range bottom: F#3

Mama/ensemble - The owner of the local diner. She is unamused by the Marines’ antics and protective of her daughter, Rose


This is a small cast show. We will include 3-4 men and 3-4 women to play other Marines (Sergeant, Gibbs, Fector, Stevens); Bus Passengers; Singers etc.


General Information for all JCC Auditions:

  • AUDITIONS FOR MUSICALS: come prepared to sing 32 bars of two prepared songs. Accompanist provided. Please bring sheet music in the correct key. Please select a song appropriate to the style of the production. Please dress prepared for a dance audition as well. No bare feet. The audition will start with a dance audition for all audition candidates. Then, each person, will since their song in the order in which they arrived.
  • AUDITIONS FOR PLAYS: involve reading from the script. It is suggested you have read the script in advance and are familiar with the characters/context. Most scripts available by email upon request.
  • REHEARSALS: typically weekday evenings and Sundays. 3-5 days per week depending on the production. No rehearsals or performances on Fridays. Please bring a list of ALL rehearsal conflicts. We try to work around minimal conflicts if identified at auditions.
  • Adult performers are paid a production stipend which varies, based on the role/track/etc. Youth performers are not paid. CenterStage casts Rochester-based performers. We do not provide housing. AEA members are considered for select roles. Please inquire in advance.
  • CenterStage auditions are open to all performers regardless of race or religion. We practice color-blind casting whenever possible. JCC membership is not required. Performers receive a free JCC membership during their rehearsal/performance period.
  • Call backs (if needed) are the day after the open auditions.
  • If you have a conflict for the audition date, please contact us at in advance and to submit a video audition or arrange a private audition time.

Questions? Contact 585-461-2000 ext 235 or email us