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Friday, July 24, 2020

To our friends, supporters, and community members,

It is almost unfathomable to me how often I have used the words ‘state of emergency’ in the last four months. With the doors closed, our financial viability was certainly in question. This is where you, the JCC community, stepped up. You have generously given over 3,000 gifts and enormous time and talents to our cause. Because of your support, we were able to stabilize the ship and focus our energies on our plan moving forward. 

Through this time, we have transitioned from a state of emergency to a state of uncertainty. Not a day has gone by without new wrinkles, new twists and turns that have required us to reimagine how we are going to provide you with outstanding enrichment programs and services, and how they will be funded. It has remained uncertain when we will be able to open our doors. It is difficult to know who will feel comfortable coming back, including our members and staff alike. It is uncertain what new health and safety protocols will be needed to operate safely. And, it is uncertain if there will be another virus spike this fall. This uncertainty makes the planning process particularly challenging as we craft a brand-new playbook for our programs and activities and pivot often as the latest information is received.

July 1 brought a new fiscal year and the transition to a state of new possibility with certainty. We have never been more committed to being a vibrant center of Jewish living and values that is vital to both you and our community for generations to come. We have never wavered from living our values of compassion, authenticity, inclusion and respect every single day. We have never stopped filling the world with light, even when dark storm clouds are hovering above us.

How will we succeed? It is critical to our success as a community center to listen to you and be responsive to your needs. We will continue to engage our community, but in new creative and innovative ways. We will perform more like a start-up, incorporating a nimble entrepreneurial mindset into our daily practices. We will relentlessly pursue new ways to provide excellence in our services and programs. We are committed to being agile enough to capitalize on new opportunities when they present themselves. 

I can say with certainty that we will need to adapt, including collaborating in ways we have never imagined. Things will be different, and my intention is that there will be many ways that we will be better. We will be transparent as we navigate through this uncertainty, as this is your community and we are committed to keeping you informed.

We will need your partnership going forward. We welcome your feedback and ask for your patience as we continue to navigate this ever-changing world. We are a community of people who care about people, and we are so much stronger together!

Wishing you a peaceful Shabbat and weekend, 

Josh Weinstein