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Rochester Regional Health, Jewish Community Center Announce New Collaboration Rochester, N.Y. – Rochester Regional Health and the Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester (JCC) have entered into a new collaborative partnership that will bring new health and wellness services free to JCC members. The two organizations will combine their passion and capabilities through a series of programs, educational opportunities and wellness support to create a community that helps each individual achieve their healthiest lives.  

“By working together, the JCC/RRH partnership is able to bring wellness at the JCC full circle,” remarked Josh Weinstein, JCC CEO. “We are now a place where people can access the expertise and tools they need to live happier, healthier lives, and ultimately become their best selves. We believe that through personalized, on-site care we are able to meet members where they are by making health a manageable part of daily life.”  

For their first initiative, led by an on-site registered nurse, Rochester Regional Health clinicians and JCC colleagues will offer wellness screenings and coaching, clinical support, care navigation, referral connections, specialty services and educational and outreach programs, all centered within the JCC facility. The goal is to help people determine when they need specialized care while taking the challenge and mystery out of connecting with a health care provider.  

“Accessibility is critical to healthcare,” explained Dr. Bridgette Wiefling, Rochester Regional Health Senior Vice President of Primary Care. “By partnering with the JCC, we can discover new ways to help healthcare fit into people’s lives with greater ease. When we make access easier, we help people live better and healthier.”  Over time, Rochester Regional Health and the JCC will develop additional assessment services, classes and programs, all with the same objective to make healthcare more accessible while focusing on preventive care to improve the overall health and wellness of the local community.  

Wiefling added, “We partnered with the JCC because we feel the best way to improve patient health is by creating a community of support with resources that meet people where they are at. This is a JCC specialty.”

Office hours, including evenings and Sundays coming soon.