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Personal Training

Our personal training sessions keep you focused and motivated to push toward your fitness goals. For questions about how to schedule your FitPlan or connecting with the right personal trainer, contact Rachel Maxon, Director of Fitness and Personal Training.

Personal training packages may be purchased at the JCC Main Desk.

  • “Personal training helped me realize new goals, including qualify for the Boston Marathon this year. I didn’t anticipate being able to run pain free when I started with a personal trainer a few years ago. My personal trainer modified exercises to get me running again and has provided me advice through every phase.” - Mary K.

  • “My personal trainer challenges and recognizes me to go beyond what I think are my limits and gives me confidence by providing timely feedback and benchmarks for my improved performance.” - Clay O.

  • “Two months ago I could barely do five reps without feeling pain. Now, I’, seeing the results of consistent and progressive workouts. I have considerably less pain and much more flexibility. I now look forward to my workouts because I’m confident that the time I spend will come back to me ten-fold.” - Denni O.

  • “For almost two decades, Bev Hillabrandt has been my inspiration to exercise on a regular basis. She is a dedicated, knowledgeable and encouraging personal trainer. She is very thorough in her approach and carefully develops workouts to target strength, endurance and health. I credit my physical well- being and overall good energy level to the work I have done with a JCC personal trainer.” - Sherry S.


Meet Our Personal Trainers

Lisa Birnbaum
Matthew Bleiler
Ursula Burke
Michael Carson
Michael Chirico
Kelly Dady
Michael Gannon
Kaydian Hayle
Carm Heidt
Omari Henderson
Bev Hillabrandt
Doug Keller
General Personal Training
Andrea Kozel
Michelle Lombardozzi
Rachel Maxon
Melanie Mullally
Kathy Mulvehill
Jim Nonnemacher
Joween Opperman
Doug Prindle
Avi Schofield
Christy Shaffer
Jennine Sheldon
David Zarkowsky