TYKEs KidStage (Grades 3-6)

What is TYKEs KidStage at Camp Sisol?

Since 2004, TYKEs (Theatre Young Kids Enjoy) has been dazzling audiences with best-loved children's stories, fairy tales and literature presented live on stage by our area's most renowned adult professional actors. TYKEs' inspires an appreciation of the arts, fosters an awareness of literature and promotes communications and social interaction skills while teaching important life lessons. TYKEs consistently ranks as the #1 Children's Theatre Company in Rochester, and one of the top ten most popular places in all of Rochester to bring kids. Last summer, TYKEs expanded to include TYKEs KidStage at Camp Sisol. Now in our 12th season, TYKEs boasts our best-ever lineup of award-winning performances on stage at the JCC, we've added theater classes and vacation camps to our repertoire AND we're delighted to return for another spectacular full summer of theater camp! There's no better place in the nation than TYKEs KidStage at Camp Sisol to have a fun-filled summer camp adventure PLUS an extraordinary theater experience.

At KidStage, your camper's days will be chock-full of wholesome outdoor activities — including daily swimming, crafts and sports hobbies, and optional weekly late-nights. Without even realizing it, your camper will also be...

  • improving their reading and literary skills, analyzing scripts and reading out loud every day
  • receiving music lessons with our professional music expert - while we sing, we also spend time learning musical concepts and some basic note reading
  • boosting their health and fitness while learning dance elements with our professional choreographer
  • expanding teamwork and socialization skills
  • learning to brainstorm and use critical thinking skills
  • enhancing their poise, self-esteem, public speaking, articulation, and confidence

... all while making new friends and having a blast!


2017  TYKEs' KidStage Programs

7/10-7/14 - Aesop Mic Drop

To coincide with this week’s animal theme, campers will rehearse and perform some of the most famous Aesop’s Fables, modernized and “camp-ified” with unique, fun twists and plenty of comedy. We’ll also build our own ingenious masks/headpieces for our animal characters. A perfect week for crafty kids who love to act.

7/17-7/21 AND 7/24-7/28 (TWO WEEK PROGRAM) - Not So Grimm Tales (A Musical) Not So Grimm Tales 5

A hilarious, fresh and contemporary tongue-in-cheek retelling of classic Grimm fairy tales! A working mother notices her child has picked up some not-so-great lessons from the fairy tales she’s been reading, so she invents new, more modern and empowering versions of some of the classics. Little Red is a vegetarian animal rights activist who saves the wolf from the Woodsman; Snow White unionizes the dwarves and overthrows her beauty-pageant-loving stepmother; and Cinderella and Prince Charming run off to live as Bohemian artists. This cleverly-written comedy features excellent roles for both boys and girls.

Performance dates: July 27th at 7 p.m. for family and July 28th during camp. Kids must enroll for both weeks.

7/31- 8/4 - The Bang Bang Teamwork-shop

This week's musical theater workshop takes place during camp’s annual Maccabiah Color War and we'll incorporate the themes of color and teamwork into our singing and dancing at KIDStage. Campers will select a couple of their favorite songs related to our theme from our big list of fabulous, famous songs and show tunes such as Teamwork from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Disney’s The [Color] Spectrum Song, True Colors, Yellow Submarine and so many more. A perfect week for colorful kids who love to sing and dance!

8/7-8/11 AND 8/14-8/18 (TWO WEEK PROGRAM) - The Day Skinny Jeans Saved the UniverseDay Skinny Jeans Save Univ 1

Campers will ADORE this clever, dynamic brand new script. The zany plot begins with kids working at a ridiculous, trendy store in the mall folding skinny jeans, not realizing the store has a secret time travel device and a sinister plan to rule the universe (naturally). As the kids race through time doing battle with the company’s middle management, they meet a host of historical figures and celebrities, including Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin, Emperor Ming, Marie Antoinette, Martha Stewart, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and 1950s bowling champions. This fresh and absurd farce packs in powerful laughs with its hysterical male and female characters.
Performance dates: August 17th at 7 p.m. for family and August 18th during camp. Kids must enroll for both weeks.

8/21-8/25 - Twice Upon a Time: A Musical Fractured Fairy Tale by You

Campers work together to brainstorm crazy, fun ideas as they create their very own original musical fractured fairy tale – complete with unique characters and plot – related to this week’s “Once Upon a Time” camp theme. We’ll perform our comedic show for fellow campers and staff on the last day of camp (Friday, August 25th). If your camper enjoyed “The Blizzard” last year, they’ll LOVE this summer’s “Twice Upon a Time!”

Introducing... a brand new TYKEs summer theater program in the JCC Hart Theater for kids entering grades 7 and up!SHOEMAKERA2AAugust 14 to 25 - The Shoemaker and the Elves
This exciting new TYKEs program provides more advanced acting, singing and dancing training to kids entering grades 7 and up who are looking for an enriching indoor (air conditioned!) summer theater program, including a final performance for family and friends. In this wacky musical, five eccentric and endearing elves work their hysterically funny magic to help the penniless shoemaker create specialized footwear for a cast of zany characters including Olympian Zoom Corrigan. The production features excellent male and female comedic roles. In addition to theater work on-stage, we’ll enjoy the JCC’s many amenities, including two indoor pools, outdoor splash pad, InZone, gym and more. Kids must enroll for both weeks.

Daily Schedule

9:30-12:15: Improv, set building, prop-making, dance & music

Campers will enjoy a morning snack of fresh fruit during this time as well

12:15-12:45: Lunch
12:45-1:00: Rest Period
1:00-2:15: Rehearsal or Hobbies (at the discretion of the director)
2:15-3:30: Free swim
3:30: PM Snack and Dismissal

2017 Themes/Dress up Days




Dress Up Wednesday



U.S.A. American pride- dress in red, white and blue


Giong Green  




Splish Splash Pajama Day!


Maccabiah 2017!

Team Spirit Day


It's a Mystery...  


Israel Week Show your Israeli pride and dress in blue and white!
8 8/21-8/25 Once Upon a Time...  

Late Nights, Overnights and Trips

Specialty camp campers have the opportunity to stay late at camp on Thursday nights for a late night experience. Late night activities include extended free swim, extra activities planned by Unit heads and counselors, and dinner. Campers will get the chance to cook food over a campfire and spend some extra time with their unit, with camp all to themselves! At the end of the late night, campers will return to the JCC for pickup.

There will be some trip experiences for some of our specialty camps. Please view our summer calendar for a full schedule of late nights, overnights and trips. Please contact us for more information, or if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact the Camp Office

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about our Kid Stage program, or for more information about our offerings.

585-461-2000 ext. 234