About Us


At Camp Sisol, we relate to children as unique individuals who should be given opportunities to learn new things, experience new challenges and develop new skills (both physical and social), while feeling good about themselves. We believe that this can be accomplished most successfully in a relaxed, fun atmosphere, with support provided to bring out the best in every single camper. Being part of a group, children share, work, and play together, and strive for common goals and to better understand the needs of others. Each camper takes pride in the group's achievements and recognizes the significance of his or her own contributions to the group's success. Every day at camp is filled with activities, friendship, spirit, and adventure. All of this is intertwined with important Jewish values, enabling our campers to connect good feelings for themselves and camp to their own identity. Weekly camp themes throughout the summer are based on character assets, allowing children to explore our values and culture.


Camp Sisol is a vibrant camping community, grounded in Jewish values and culture. Camp Sisol helps children develop confidence, happiness, and kindness through an integrated program that builds lifelong memories and respect for community.


At Camp Sisol, we create community:

  • Common goals
  • Long-standing tradition
  • Shared experiences
  • Universal values

Our caring staff strive daily:

  • To empower each child
  • To enable discovery
  • To foster personal growth
  • To make sure the bottom line is FUN!!!