Lap Swim

Lap swimming is the continuous swimming movement through the water, for the whole length of the pool. Please be courteous and wait at the end of the pool until you have made contact with members already swimming in the lane you wish to enter. Due to different lane set-ups, it is not always possible to swim in a lane that has your appropriate swimming speed. When two people are in the lane, the lane may be split if both members are in agreement. As soon as the third person enters the lane, everyone must circle swim.

  1. During Lap Swimming times, select the proper lane to swim in according to speed. Ask the lifeguard for assistance
  2. Keep your arms close to you. Other members do not enjoy being touched or hit by a swimmer in their lane, or the next.
  3. No standing, exercising or loitering is allowed at either end of the pool in lap lanes (Expect for resting 1-2 minutes)
  4. If you are being passed often, or are passing others, consider a lane change.
  5. Water jogging is allowed in the water-walking lane next to the pool office.
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