Physical Therapy at the JCC

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Physical therapy is a form of healthcare that primarily uses exercise, manual hands on therapy, and education to treat a variety of diseases and injuries related to the muscles, joints, and nerves of the body. Physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals that work closely with your other healthcare team members to ensure you receive quality, individualized care.

You may want to consider physical therapy for arthritic pain, back pain, knee or shoulder pain, post surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, sciatica, postural correction, pain that limits your ability to exercise, balance disorders, or a history of falls.

Physical therapists utilize evidence based exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and joint stability, as well as for poor postural that may place undue stress on joints and nerves. Manual therapy or hands on therapy can also be used to promote increased blood flow for healing, stretching, and pain relief. Education is also an important aspect of physical therapy for ensuring consistent progression and prevention of future occurrences.
Most insurances are accepted and private pay may also be an option. Physical therapy without a referral is also accepted.

Please call Joseph Corriea, PT at (585) 851-1771 to setup an appointment, or for more information.



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