TYKEs J-Cation Camps

When registering for J-Cation Camps, choose from the traditional track (field trips, crafts, interest based activities, etc.), a day of drama, or a day of sports and fitness! Take a look at what will be happening in the TYKEs theater track.

TYKEs J-Cation Camp – February School Break

Feb 20-24, 9am-5:30pm

Optional before and aftercare from 7-9am and 5:30-6pm available at no additional cost.

Ages 8+/Hart Theater

Come enjoy a very unique and exciting theater program at TYKEs! Kids will create their own original “fractured fairy tale.” Participants will select an existing, well-known fairy tale or children’s story and wildly recreate it by changing key components of the story, such as the setting and time period – while retaining the essence of the original story. Think Aladdin landing on mars in his magically carpeted futuristic spaceship or Jack growing an organic beanstalk so he can be a contestant on a cooking competition television show. The sky’s the limit as kids use their powerful imaginations to come up with clever, creative plot twists and compelling characters. We’ll perform our show at 4:30pm on Friday, Feb 24 for our actors’ families and our fellow campers.

For more information, contact Freyda Schneider at ext. 269.

$350 Member: $300 for the week-long program

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