For Homeschoolers

The JCC's new Homeschool Express Membership is now available.  For $60 per month*, you receive the following benefits:

  • Use of the JCC facility Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm.
  • Activity Days
  • Gives children and parents the opportunity to utilize the facility and get involved in activities that can be a wonderful complement to homeschool education.
  • Available for all homeschool families with children ages 5-15. There are also activities available for children outside this age range.

Activity options with membership by age:

Homeschool Activity Days:

  • Bimonthly opportunities to get your children involved in a variety of activities with other homeschooled children in the community. Activities include but are not limited to cooking, art, ceramics, fitness, swimming.
  • Parents can drop-off their school-age children and go enjoy the amenities the JCC has to offer. 
  • Free for Members (any type of membership); $10 per child, $35 maximum per family for Non Members.

Contact Dan Irving for more information.

 * $60 monthly with a 12-month commitment.