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The following programs are presented by The Resource Place at the JCC.

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FILM-Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age

How worried should parents be about the amount of time their children spend looking at screens? How much should parents police that screen time? That's what filmmaker and physician Delaney Ruston set out to learn in her documentary "Screenagers: Growing Up In the Digital Age". "This is the parenting issue of our time", said Berkeley native Delaney Ruston. "Tech on its own isn't bad, but it's bad when it's out of balance." Join the community showing of the movie and discussion geared for parents, teachers, tweens and teens in the Hart Theater. Presented by Brighton Central Schools, the JCC's Resource Place and the JCC Ames Amzalak Rochester International Jewish Film Festival.

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Mealtime Mindfulness

Come explore Mindful Eating and its concepts. Learn how to eat more mindfully and help your children develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies through knowledge and specific methods of practice. Eating can be a natural and pleasurable activity. This workshop will help you become more aware of your relationship with food and help you teach the same to your children. A mindful meal will be part of this exciting workshop so that we can put the principals into practice. Learn about satiety levels, emotional eating and much more.

$40    Member: $30
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Co-Parenting: For Married, Divorced, and Blended Families

No two parents are alike. Whether married, divorced or blended family, when two adults share the important task of raising children, there are bound to be differences in style, temperament, and thoughts on “what’s best for the kids.” How do we blend styles without temper flair-ups? How do we set rules that work for our family and keep the peace? How do we create a united front as parents? And how do we co-parent if we don’t share a home together?

Price is per family

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$20    Member: $15
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Screenwise Webinar

Brighton Central School District Board Room (administration building), 2035 Monroe Ave.

Please join us for a webinar for parents delivered by Devorah Heitner, Ph.D., founder and director of Raising Digital Natives. Devorah is an international speaker, workshop leader, and consultant on the digital lives of children. Her talk will help parents manage the new stress of technology on our children. The event is hosted by the Family Support Center of BCSD and the Resource Place at the JCC. 

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Days & Times
4:30 - 5:30pm
Kara Juszczak, LMSW, Co-Owner Tree of Hope Counseling


Kara Juszczak, LMSW, Co-Owner Tree of Hope Counseling

Mindfulness for Kids

Kids will learn how to use mindfulness to relax, interact with others and cope with everyday stress through activities including: meditation, mindful movement (yoga), deep breathing, mindful eating, listening, and art projects. 

$70    Member: $60
Ages 7-11
Contact Michele Ruda Leve for more information.