Three-Year-Olds: For children who turn 3 by Dec. 1

Wolk-C.C.-3yrsOur three-year-old classrooms are caring communities where children develop self confidence as they develop their new-found capabilities. Our curriculum is rich with language and communication, reading readiness, pre-mathematical concepts, science, art, and music. Exploration and experimentation are encouraged, emphasizing the experience and not the final product. Imaginative play and problem solving experiences go hand-in-hand as we help children navigate through their world.

Our outdoor playground, swimming pool, PlayGym and indoor equipment provide for gross motor development each day. We present a safe world where children can develop a positive self-image, self-reliance, social awareness and interaction, imagination and resourcefulness. Children learn about themselves and the world around them in an atmosphere of love, joy, respect and security.

Adult-to-Child Ratio: 1 adult for every 7 children

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General Daily Schedule

7am Welcome & Free Play
8:30am Learning Centers
9:15am Circle Time
9:35am Snack/Bathrooming
10am Specials and/or curriculum related activities
11am Outdoor Play
12pm Lunch
1:15pm Rest Time
3:30pm Snack Time/Bathrooming
4:15pm Circle Activities, Stories and Outdoor Play when possible or Structured Free Play