Special Needs (Yachad)

yachadwebbottomYACHAD, which means "together" in Hebrew, is the Jewish Community Center's special services for persons who have developmental disabilities. Staffed by trained volunteers under professional supervision, YACHAD cares for the social, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of Jewish persons with disabilities such as mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy and others which affect the way a person grows and/or learns. Volunteers are always needed to serve as friends.

For additional information, contact Ann Gilbert Winterman.

Yachad is funded by The Beverly and Sam Kolko Fund, the Golisano Foundation and the Elencwajg Fouondation for Special Needs.

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Sorry, there are no upcoming Special Needs (Yachad) at this time. Please call 585-461-2000 to find out when the next programs will be scheduled.