Personal Training

You may wonder what Personal Training can do for you...

A Healthier Heart, Better Posture, Abundance of Energy, More Flexibility, New Found Confidence.

Our Nationally Certified Expert Trainers will help you achieve your health and wellness goals with exercise sessions that are challenging, fun and inspirational. When working with a JCC Personal Trainer, you will benefit from a personal training session that is custom designed with your goals in mind. Your Goals are Our Goals.

As we continue to raise the bar on professional training, all JCC Personal Trainers are nationally certified and pursue educational and professional development on a continual basis.

An initial 1-hour consultation is required and will include:

  • Strength and cardiovascular tests
  • % body fat analysis
  • Blood pressure
  • Flexibility test
  • Target heart rate
  • Exercise plan
  • Realistic and attainable goal setting

A JCC Trainer:

  • Works with you one-on-one to meet your goals
  • Helps you stay focused, accountable and motivated
  • Varies your routine for best results
  • Adds education and fun to your workouts
  • Reduces intimidation
  • Enhances strength and conditioning to improve your quality of life


A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all appointments or you will be charged for your session.

Individual Personal Training Rates

 JCC MemberNon Member
Fitness Assessment $45 $70
1 Session $50 $75
3 Sessions $141 $210
5 Sessions $220 $325
10 Sessions $410 $600
20 Sessions $760 N/A
35 Sessions $1,225 N/A
50 Sessions $1,600 N/A
Student 1 Session $36 N/A
Student 5 Sessions $165 N/A
Student 10 Sessions $300


Personal Training Staff

NameExt. NameExt.
Eke Aiono ext. 270   Michelle Lombardozzi ext. 842
Ursula Burke ext. 851   Melanie Mullally ext. 875
Shara Chisholm ext. 822   Kathy Mulvehill ext. 831
Starr Greenwood ext. 267   Jim Nonnemacher ext. 838
Kaydian Hayle ext. 839   Joween Opperman ext. 829
Carm Heidt ext. 817   Doug Prindle ext. 804
Bev Hillabrandt ext. 816   Lynda Stock ext. 815
Anna Ingrassio ext. 865   Valerie Trerise ext. 824
Andrea Kozel ext. 847   Tom Volpe ext. 818
Rob West ext. 860   John Wakefield ext. 886

Group Personal Training

Custom designed workouts are tailored specifically to each small group. You will receive motivation, support, and expert guidance to reach your fitness goals at a fraction of the cost of the private session.

For more information, contact Eke Aiono

Student Personal Training

Your hard work will pay off as you gain speed, build strength, and watch your body and mind rise to a whole new level, while having FUN

For more information, contact Eke Aiono

One on One Specialty Training

Olympic Lifts

Any properly designed strength training program will increase not only your strength but your flexibility, power, agility and quickness. The practice of Olympic Lifts improves all five of these attributes of athleticism.

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell workouts provide muscular endurance, build strength, tone, and help with weight loss.

Body Composition Assessment

Body composition measures your lean body mass as compared to your fat mass to give you a total body composition profile. Assessments are performed by certified personal trainers. The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Postural Analysis

How's your posture? Did your mother ever tell you to "stand up straight," "don't slouch" or "sit up straight at the table"? Postural Analysis involves visual assessment of imbalances in posture, muscles and movement using a grid known as the AlignaBod. .

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The FMS captures fundamental movements, motor control within movement patterns, and competence of basic movements uncomplicated by specific skills. The goal is to correct these movement patterns and incorporate them into your conditioning and strength training program.


For more information on One on One Specialty Training, contact Eke Aiono












For more information on the above programs, contact Eke Aiono.