follow the leaderKids thrive in a "well-rounded" camp experience that allows them to discover what thrills them and at which activities they excel. This also challenges different sides of each child. At Camp Sisol, campers are free to explore many areas of interest by way of unique and exciting programs.

Core Program Components


We weave the concepts and values that Judaism teaches us into every aspect of Camp Sisol. Hebrew songs and words are used and Kabbalat Shabbat is celebrated each week. The entire camp comes together on Fridays to experience the joy and peace of Shabbat with lighting of candles to celebrate Creation and prayers of thanks for the fruit of the vine (grape juice) and for bread (challah).


We build on outdoor experiences gradually, beginning with visits to our Teva (Nature) Specialist. As the years go by campers progress from late nights to overnights, discovering all the basics of outdoor living and appreciation of nature. They explore the pond, creek, garden and woods at camp and visit local and state parks.

Choice and Structure

Our programming emphasis is on exposure to a wide variety of activities and development of a wide variety of skills. Campers visit each specialist once a week. We emphasize the importance of choice through our hobbies program.