Kesher Program for Children with Special Needs

The Kesher Inclusion Program at Camp Sisol: Helping Children with Special Needs Find Success at Camp Sisol Since 2007.

The primary goal of the Kesher program is to foster social and emotional development for children with a vast array of disabilities. Kesher is based on an inclusion-classroom model in which campers with disabilities are grouped together with similar-aged peers without disabilities. Kesher campers have the same social and behavioral expectations as their peers, while allowing for adaptations based on each camper's unique personality and needs.

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Camp Sisol would like to be able to welcome every child, but there is no camp or program that is a perfect fit for every child. All of our Kesher campers receive personalized care from trained staff members with experience working with children with disabilities, however, from a point of view of practicality, 1 to 1 support by a staff member runs counter to our philosophy of inclusion and is therefore not part of what we do.

For a good fit at Camp Sisol, Kesher program participants should be able to physically move around camp independently, use the bathroom independently, and be able to communicate needs on a basic level. We recognize that everyone is unique and if you have any questions about our program or whether Kesher is right for your child, please contact us so the Camp Director and Kesher Director can speak with you about your child's specific case.