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The Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester prides itself on our deep commitment to Jewish values, culture, and traditions. We are proud of our diverse programmatic offerings, our strong partnerships with community organizations, agencies, and synagogues, and our pivotal role as a portal of entry into Jewish community life. Please stop by our Jewish Life Table, located to the right of the Main Desk, for information about upcoming holidays, Jewish programs and events, and Interfaith programs happening throughout the community.

The JCC strives to infuse Jewish values, cultures, and traditions into its programming organically. Please look for programs with a Jewish twist throughout the website. In addition, please feel free to contact Joy Getnick to discussJewish Life at the JCC, or inquire about upcoming programs and events.

What's New?

The Jewish month of Elul begins August 27 and goes through September 25.  The month of Elul, the last month of the Jewish year, is a time of personal reflection on the year that is coming to a close, and on the changes we want to make in the year to come. Jewels of Elul is a national Jewish initiative that sends you a short piece for contemplation each day, written by a rabbi, writer, scholar, or community leader. To learn more or to subscribe to this project, check out:


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